To form a question on how to create a double registration system with forms:

Regular User system that only logs and can comments on her notes

Staff member: One created, the staff member should signal/hook programatically created permission and blog space.

How to assign Staff -

  1. they need to specify:
  2. wish to write and collaborate
  3. their language
  4. Approves code of conduct.

  1. if 3 is trigerred a signal to SuperUser to approve the request.
  2. if SuperUser approves create programatically Blog space with permissions.

Another option is to display additional fields if User selects the Staff choice option... and the pages are then created.

  1. Is it risky? The take the superuser cookie?
  2. Be informed

Else, one Staff option is selected, send a box form to specify, why do I wish to enrol. This allows to reduce spam and unwanted staff requests.