Modern dense, are amongst the rare discipline that evolved with the music of time. Gender considerations were integrated decades ago. A dancer gender plays no role in contemporary dense. Only consideration is the dancer's ability to communicate emotion, tell a story, express a piece of existence.

It’s all about telling a story and plot with a group of people, without needing to say anything. It expresses pure stream of consciousness, bits of livelihood that can and is common to all, transient creatures that we are. A dancer moves to the rhythm of a existence, it makes little importance if she is he or the other way around.

Culturally wise, modern dense were the first to integrate non-binary gender. This state of mind is the reason that in many national ballet the male graduate outnumber female graduate and that roles are distributed to a dancer not to a gender.

This speaks of an expertise, a cultural now-how. We wish to collaborate with dense groups, institutions, to learn from them, they tell us couple of things about the fumanist.

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