So you don't get mad...

Assuming you are somehow and average individual, you are probably feel infuriated or lost by now. All this discussion about women and men and feminism doesn't make any sense... and if so, it simply shows how frustrated you are with our language.

All this discussion about men, feminsime and equality is so awkward not becuase we are touchy and opinionated beings. The problem is that gender related words that we use in this discussion are so confusing and inaccurate, that is we don't have the proper words and syntax to clarify what is the subject of our discussion.

Gender biased language isn’t the claim that all men abuse women nor that all women are discriminated.

Gender biased language could be somehow be visualised by the following paradox - while reasonable people agree that women are discriminated and exposed to abused much more than men are - we don't have a proper word to refer to it. As soon as one mentions all men, women are usually, the feminists... the discussion is charged with so many subtexts .

In other words, we cannot talk about a fundamental social problem - an issue that concerns us all. Problems aren't kind enough to evaporate themselves so we can avoid dealing with them. Actually, closing our eyes only makes it bigger and more complex.

For a solution to be found, the problem needs first to be properly defined. It would be challenging, but the price to avoid it, seems to be constant confusion, mistrust among people, insecurity, a constant fear to express oneself - to name only few aspects that effects anyone, he, she or it. Is it really needed to inject more agitation and confusion to the current state of things?

Language could help us solve these confusions and allow us to turn down background noises that are totally avoidable.