Our language discriminates against women and perpetuates gender stereotypes.

No equality without speaking it

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

What is conceivable and what is not, what makes sense and what does not, depends on the rules of language, of grammar.

The complex, intertwined relationship between a language and the form of life that goes with it …

harms males

It values men by a physical attribution they cannot control, their phallus' size and erection.

So you don't get mad...

Assuming you are somehow and average individual, you are probably feel infuriated or lost by now. All this discussion about women and men and feminism doesn't make any sense... and if so, it simply shows how frustrated you are with our language.

All this discussion about men, feminsime and …

Mortel threat

Before we evoke consideration of preserving our language and thus our language, we need to ensure that our language allow us to properly communicate ourselves. Currently, we don't. Also, it might also be worth defending a tradition that is worth being defended.

Progress won't await for our language to …

Semantic deficianies

Gender biased language isn’t only damaging it is also senseless. Placing gender at the center of our communication and claim it's essential is bizarre to say the least. Semantically, and linguistically wise, it creates contradiction and inherent semantic deficiencies… kind of problems that language should resolve rather than create.