Fommes is a free platform that brings together all the necessary resources and infrastructure needed to motivate your public to speak into being gender neutral language, worldwide. JOIN US.

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Fumaniste = the same language - gender discrimination.

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Fumaniste is a must to materializing equality for women and girls.

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You can mobilize a change by providing your community with Compelling Messages and Clear Calls to Action.

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Our cutting-edge tools were designed to expose your voice to the world.

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Language constantly evolves… when enough people choose to speak the change. The fumaniste would be created, when a critical mass of speakers would explore how to speak equality, they would end up speaking it into being.

Publish, develop and act, all in one place

Stream your content with an elegant blog, develop innovative content with our platform, increase your exposure and action through a network committed to speak gender-equality into being.

If you are concerned by how gender biased language affects our life — welcome to Fommes. Our platform was designed to leverage your productivity and impact.

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Build by fumanistes for fumanistes Fommes is designed to create a dynamic online community. Operate within a specialized niche gives you a fighter’s chance of breaking through. Furthermore, it provides the impetus to take action and make a change.


Our powerful blog provides you with the tools so you can spend more time on creating a captivating content. And a beautiful site as well. Built with Wagtail it offers a technology to create once and publish everywhere. learn more below.

A platform, not only CMS

More than Content Management System, our platform allows you to host collaborations. With out moderations and permissions features, you can structure multilevel sub-groups that advance in parallel without compromising your control.

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World-class localization and translation

With one click you can set your content for different site versions (locales) and for different languages and countries. Engage new publics in a more culturally-appropriate and personalized way.

Create content that soars

The intuitive interface gives editors creative control over content. design your content the way you want. You can add text with pictures, videos to your article – and change the order by dragging and dropping the content wherever you like it.

Scalable to your needs

For your content to be on the main scene, you need a solid back-stage. Wagtail technology allows you to analyse the impact, adjust functionalities, performe repairs, and plan for future redesigns - all behind the scene so the show goes on. Wagtail offers scalability... which differentiates it from any other front-end system. The following might help you to compare.

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Platform, not only a CMS

More than Content Management System, Fommes is a platform that allows you to conceive interactive and innovative content to engage users.

Think outside the blog

Our platform allows you to think beyond the written word and develop interactive content that meets the expectations go the Y + Z generations.

Host collaborations

Our platform allows you to host high-level collaborations. With its ready-to-go moderations and permissions features to structure complex and multi-level projects.

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does language matter?

Is sexist language a 'fake-news'?

Click on the cards below to find your answer

Language A describes all communication devices as a sub-class of Morse machine: morse-phone, morse-fax ...(its limited syntax doesn't allow to envisage the smart-morse-phone.


Young speakers of Language B use sophisticated smart-phones. Most of them never heard of fax.


Which language would serve better your communication needs?

Language A names all medical syndromes as variants of flu. Cancer for example is labelled as a severe flu.


Language B constantly updates its vocabulary so physicians could cure to new phenomena like cancer, alzheimer, Covid19, etc'.


Which language provides physicians with necessary tools to treat you better?

Assuming an initiative to name all cities as sub-sections of NYC.


New-Yoraris (for Paris), New-YorkScow, New-Yorkelsinki...


Assuming you don't live in NY, does this initiative speak to you? Do you think this language favours New-Yorkers to other citizens?

"Linguistic discrimination can lead to many socio-affective issues such as anxiety, lack of motivation, and a negative self-concep.


It can greatly affect the competence and performance of students."


Assuming you can undercover your gender, which gender choice would boost your career?

"Throughout Western culture, women and Blacks were seen as having neither the rational intellect


nor the emotional stability to enter science, philosophy, or politics."


Should we preserve this notion simply because it is undeniable part of our past?

Systemic sexism is the sexism that is assumed to be “the way things are” and is thus less open to criticism than the sexism that goes against social norms. It is embedded as usual practice in the social structure.


Language is a choice, our current choice is 'sexist', we can make it equal.


Isn't it time to give it a try?

About Us
Who, how, what and us

Fommes was designed to offer you - a scholar or an activist who is concerned by gender biased language - all the IT resources needed to bring into being the "fumaniste". 100% free our cutting-edge infrastructure exposes you to new public so you can connect them with the information they need to experiment a gender free language.

Our commitment is to help you raise awareness to their, our, challenge - either maintain the current language, and thus, its structural gender discrimination or experiment and explore an alternative.

We are a specialized niche that explores the link between gender inequality and language. We are engaged in creating captivating, educated, fact-based articles that are informative and fun to read. A media that allows the layperson to deepen the understanding of the impact and consequences of gender biased language. More than raising awareness, we aim to provide a clear call to action. Allowing our readers to make a choice, and thus, make a concrete and visible change in their surroundings.

Fommes is an open-source, multilingual, free-membership platform. Simply said, you are more than welcome to join us.

All you need to do is to open an account. We will contact you when your blog and admin spaces are ready. If you don't hear from us within 48h, please send us an email.

To ensure you have a great experience, kindly note our rules and values below, so your expectations can be matched.

We burn conviction to make a change, we are here to help and support. We also act on a voluntary basis, which enforces some limits.

Also, as this is an alpha version, there might be some bugs.

The best way to get started is just to log it and play with your new blog. Don't worry, it's solid.

It’s intuitive and user-friendly, so you should find your way through. Below there’s some information. The video links also provide you with all information needed to make it great experience.

Fommes offers you the capacity to translate to and from any language.

Currently we have only English and French, as we can only verify their respective contents.

Verification - while the translation machine offers high quality automatic translation, AI has its limits. Any translation has to be verified and corrected. It is up to the publisher to account for the accuracy her texts. If we can help with pleasure, but we cannot promise.

If you wish to enlist another language just drop us a line, it's an easy as that. In other words, you are expected to verify and ensure the content's quality in the language you asked to add.

Fommes is 100% Free. No paid features, no hidden tricks. We are a specialized niche that explores the link between gender inequality and language - your articles should be related to this theme.


Translations are paid from our budget. That is, zero tolerance to translations that aren't related to your articles.

Be bold

We encourage fact-base articles - that require more research and time. While opinions are of course allowed, facts allow to advance.

Fake News

We have zero tolerance to Fake News and/or alternative facts. That means that while we cannot debate about what doing with the facts, we cannot deny the facts themselves.

Admit our mistakes

If an argument cannot be substantiated, and is refuted one cannot keep defending it.

We are inclusive to a limited extent - we support and publish only content that encourage gender free language. If you deny the gender discrimination og our language, then please post with us, just unfollow and block and move on. We are never going to agree.

Avoid cancel culture

We are engaged to clean up the culture of atrocities and stand along those in need of protection. This however doesn't grant us the permission to become aggressive under the auspices of a blind herd, which operates a guillotine in the town square. If a writer is wrong, she has to recognize it. Resisting a violence cannot become a mask to exercise abuse of others.